Tuesday, September 21, 2004
The Morning After
My feet are blistered, my whole body aches, i feel stiff and am still mildly amused at why i have (willingly) subjected myself to this kind of physical abuse...

It's the morning after my very first Capoeira class and i am thoroughly humbled by how out-of-shape i am. They make it look so simple but that's all an illusion i tell ya. This big conspiracy to trick us less-buff beings into thinking that it's a fun and easy thing to do :p hehehe... but seriously, it was fun and 'happy happy joy joy', i wasn't the only newbie in the class!! That made it a lil better. At least i wasn't the only one trying to look graceful and swift but really ending up looking quite queer and twisted. I actually contemplated posting a pic of my poor gnarly feet up here but the dizzy spining in my head has relatively subsided after a good night's sleep so.. i'll spare you the gruesome pic :p *cheers*
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