Monday, September 20, 2004
Black Gold

"I am the black gold of the sun..."

OooOoohhh... a nice chilled glass of black gold. Love the way the glass is all frosted over..nice...

Went to Alexis Ampang (finally) on sat to see a friend perform..accapella performances Wicked Pitches and Versus. A nice lil chill place some where in Great Eastern Mall with candles and cake and drinks The long long long long list of cakes and pies left me positively gleeful but was a lil disappointed when i found out that they didn't have all the ones i wanted to try - especially the TIRAMISU!! *sigh* The prices (as expected) are kinda high but ah well.. for a night out with good music and the ambience - it's hard to find another place like it ;)

Still a bit bummed bout my tiramisu (pls excuse my childish whining :p) but, there's always next time...
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