Monday, September 20, 2004
Shiny Stuff

So when we returned in the evening Chef Lee was just as happy and friendly as he was a couple-a hours eariler.. kept telling all about his place, his food, his staff, his cheese (yes, cheese. At one point he took out huge bags of cheese from the freezer to give us a lil show and tell about it :) *cute*) , his wife and his pride and joy - his kitchen. After our de-li-cious meal, he offered to give us a tour of the kitchen too! so.. ok la.. haha.. this pic was taken in his spotless kitchen, really quite impressive and organised for a kitchen that curns out as much food as it does.

I have to say, it really was a dining experience with a difference. It goes without saying that the service was impeccable. They really go all out, and i mean this literally (Chef Lee had one his staff run out to buy a tin of Milo cause one customer asked if they had it.. poor guy was so 'pai-seh' after that hehe) , to make sure you leave happy.

Once we had been fed, sent on the tour, given a smattering of advice on everything from coffee machines to cameras and were stocked with a few name cards, we were sent of by Chef Lee, his wife and an entourage of 2 staff members amid warm farewells and perky "See you agains"...

We're going back.. we're soooo going back :)

Oh yeah btw.. this is my 111th blog post.. cool huh? *grin*
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