Thursday, September 16, 2004

A duet piece.

Ad Deum, literally transalated to mean "Unto Him" is a non-profit Dance Company based in Texas, USA. They're down in KL to conduct several workshops, master classes and a 3-night performance from the 16 - 18 of Sept 04. The production entitled "Scribbles in the Sand" has travelled everywhere from Greece to USA to Malaysia and for the extremely "afffordable" price of RM15/RM30 you can catch them in action. For more details, click on the link above :)

The woman in red, Cheryl Cutlip, is also the founder and organiser of ProjectDance which is an annual dance festival that takes place in a different major city each year. The last one was held at Times Square NYC and the upcoming one will be at Sydney. There's an audition on for ProjectDance Sydney on Fri morning so if you're a profesional dancer or something of that sort, you might want to check it out.
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