Monday, September 20, 2004
Coppelia Cafe Cubita

For some strange reason, we kept meeting really friendly people today.

First we went for lunch at this place called Soo Kee or something near atria. My cam ran out of batteries so didn't get to snap anything but i do highly recommend the beef noodles *yum!!* and this thing they call the PJ Brinjal. Crispy brinjal pieces with a lil lemon, black sauce and chillies for flavouring - mMmMMm.. best part is it's not oily. Have to say it comes in a close 2nd place after the brinjals at Hock Loy@Goh Tong Jaya.

Anyways back to my story.. there was this old chinese guy running the shop who came to take our orders and he started talking to us like we were long lost friends or something.. *amusing* haha but that was still pretty ok. Then, he started trying to match-make my sis with his son! WeEeeeEee..that was so cute, the poor girl was scared stiff by this crazy, loud, chinese guy trying to arrange a marriage for her and his son who, by the way, is at least a good 7 years older than her.. *hahahaha* that was pretty funny actually...

On the way to the car after lunch, we noticed a place called Cafe Melise. At this point i have to say that, I am throughly convinced that each member of my family posses some in-built 6th sense when it comes to finding new places to eat. It's unbelievable..

So anyways we spot this place and decide, "Hey, we've just eaten but oh heck let's just go in and check this place out anyways" so.. we did! The moment we walked in the door, the owner/Chef Lee greeted us with a big, warm, jovial welcome. We were, to state matters plainly, ushered in, greeted (once again) with unacustomed gusto, given a thorough tour of the place, offered samples of all their food and sent of with an unexplainably heady happy feeling, name card in hand, thoughts of returning soon already in mind.

And return we did.

We had plans for dinner at this other grill place but you can't help but want to return to a place when they've been so nice to you. i like nice people - i really do. We need more nice people in this world :) Hmms the main reason i wanted to go back was because they had Coppelia Cuban Ice Cream!! Ok so unless you're Yi Khai you probably won't share my enthusiasm. Do try to understand, Cafe Melise's 1 of only 3 places in KL that sells Coppelia Cuban ice cream... *yum* After my last ice cream indulgence at Haagen Daaz (pls refer to my July archives) i haven't really really eaten ice cream so.. you know.. this was a good excuse to start the whole ice cream thing again :)

Wanna know why else i'm so happy bout it? Well, after our first scoops, the guy gave me and my sis another double scoops of ice cream on the house!! Yay! What a nice nice man, God bless him for his amazing PR skills. This is a pic of the Cafe Cubita ice cream...
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