Sunday, June 08, 2008
Who needs sleep?
*blows layer of dust off her poor abandoned blog*

life's been strange lately... i always talk about being nocturnal but it's terrible this time.. i really have been doing life in reverse and it's a tad bit fascinating but mostly disturbing.. kinda like hanging upside down for too long - fun for a bit but seriously messes up[ your head. The days never seem to pass, and everything is suspended in this surreal state of continuum...

just a little bit longer....

Meanwhile.. i found this really amusing.. bathroom sessions by barenakedladies of my anthem of no sleep *hee* check it out..


Blogger Monsta said...
hahaha, the song is so cute, hulla hulla hulla

i did the nocturnal hanged updside down for one whole week and i felt super weird by the 7th day

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