Friday, May 09, 2008
the simple life

Walking along Walsh Bay, i came across this friendly guy doing a spot of fishing at the docks..

Sometimes the best solution to a complicated problem..
Is a simple one.

In a much happier mood today. Got to get out of my bat cave for a bit and spend the night with good company and great sticky-date pudding ;D *hee* It's easy to forget sometimes that there's so much more to life than what occurs in our little worlds on a daily basis. Somewhere out there someone's getting born, getting married, getting older, getting to work, getting hurt, getting saved, getting lost... in the grand scheme of things, our little daily worries and troubles now seem forgettable.

Sometimes simple is beautiful and beauty can be simple.

Things still need to get fixed, work needs to get done, problems need to be solved. Yet, if we constantly remind ourselves that wonderful moments can still be found in any situation, perhaps it would make life's mundane and moody moments that much more bearable :)
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