Thursday, April 03, 2008
No more emo
On strict orders from Rachel
i am no longer allowed to blog emo posts..

heheh.. (*hi rachel*)

So today's post will be sunny and happy and quite content. It will have blue skies and sun hats and an evil little delicious fried treat. It will be posted at the end of a lovely lazy day in remembrance of a lovely lazy day. If only everyday could be sunny and spent doing nothing at the beach :)

So here goes:

Grace's checklist for a wonderfully lazy day at the beach :D

Mix all ingredients well, add a dusting of icing sugar on top.. and follow with a big serve of maple pecan ice cream on the side.


i love my sunny days :)

Blogger R. said...
..gracie!!!hahahahha...i love this post u really manage to make it sound so sunny...the beach is gorgeous!!and im loving the new short hairdo....awesome!i missssss u.....say yay to more happy days and nay to gloomy days..but i still like ur emo posts :D

Blogger dale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger dale said...
sigh ... that fried Mars bar looks really good right about now ... :(

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