Sunday, March 12, 2006
Red Hot Chillis & Peppers

Hahaha... do excuse the El'Lame-O title of this pic but i just really couldn't help it! Been feeling a little heading today. Still zingy from the weird ginger-honey-lemon-soda-mint-herbal-drink-thing that i had last night at La Bodega. Feeling quite happy really. Just went to cut me hair (yes, FINALLY).

Tired like crazy but still mildly in buzz mode. Must be because of the haircut.. lots of hair got chopped off.. hence the light headed-ness *weEEeee...*
Blogger yellow_monsta said...
molto lamè effettivamente... wah, this translation softwares are the bomb!

you're trying to say that you're hot zit? tsk tsk

Anonymous Jay said...
You mean that drink is actually legal?...Sounds like something in the clash of absynth or something!

Blogger grace_t said...
RayRay : Hahaha..not trying to say anything la ;)

Jay : It is! It is! T'was hiding under the seemingly harmless name of "Herbal Ginger Lemon Drink". Was expecting some harmless chinese grandma drink but it turned out to be a crossbreed of a Mojito, a Ginger Tea & a Lemonade of sorts. *weeee...* it burned! and needless to say i had a warm fuzzy feeling inside me belly the whole night :)

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