Thursday, February 09, 2006
There's nothing quite like just chillin' somewhere with good friends... nothing quite like it at all.

My poser-ish shot.. taken by Yi Khai (thanx dear!)

Yi Khai and Pri fooling round..

Benny-ji and moi..haha cam whoring as usual.. Luna Bar seems to do that to people. Make them compulsive photographers, yay!

An uber dark poser shot of Pri..

Yi Khai's first flame... flaming lamborgini that is haha (yes, yes quite lame) .. so proud of the dude, except for being a tad too gay (as in happy), he was still pretty much okay after a graveyard and this.. his rite of passage into man-hood (sort of la). It all happened so fast that i accidently took it with flash *sigh* just imagine a lovely blue pillar of flame where the clear tequila line is... Happy 21st dear!

Okay so mebbe he wasn't so ok... haha look at all the puuuurty colours :)
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