Monday, February 13, 2006
Maybe Tomorrow..
I've been so stoning for the past couple of days.. just been floating in and out of particularly somber and wistful moods. Alot of talk about the past and alot of talk about the future. At present, i'm just mellowing out my feelings about different people in my life. What they mean to me, what i mean to them. Rediscovering an appreciation for having good good friends and having had such wonderful times together. Part revelling in the expectantcy of what tomorrow may hold yet still unbelieavably tormented by the uncertanty of what is to come.

It's a peculiar predicament.

I'm really gonna miss you guys...

The soundtrack to my meandering thoughts for the last few days is on a limited loop. For some reason i just feel like listening to these few songs again and again. It's comforting in an odd way.

Maybe Tomorrow - Stereophonics
A haunting song that plays in my head when i clsoe my eyes - thanx Benji.

Stories - Trapt

Echo - Incubus
When i'm reminicing about everything that has lead up to me and my life and the moment, i hear this one starting up the film reel.

In Loving Memory - Alter Bridge
I still think of you some times

Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World - Israel Kamakawiwo Ole
I want this one played at my funeral - seriously.

Whenever, Wherever, Whatever - Maxwell
My ultimate chill song. A close-your-eyes sorta track. A soft love song without all the pop rubbish associated with ballads.

Good People - Jack Johnson
No particular reason - i just like the vibe and the sentiment

For a pics from Nick and Xahra's Farewell on my photobucket album, CLICK HERE.
Blogger dailyqt said...
Whatever happens today so that tommorow might live for itself.

Hang in tight and enjoy the ride while you're still strapped on.

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