Thursday, February 02, 2006
Rainy days..

These past few days have been quite crazy weather-wise... Rainy days and sun shiny days all muddled up into spasmatic, consentrated burst of both. So when the sky was deciding whether to continue pouring or to stop and blaze a little, i took a moment to stare up at the last of the tiny raindrops clinging desperately to the sides of my umbrella.

It's been too long since i last posted anything up here. *SIGH* With all the trouble my comp and my net connection has been giving me this past month, i've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that i might not be able to post regularly for a while.. still try ing to sort out the problems on my personal comp (ALL my photos for at least the last 6 months are trapped there!!! *sobs*) so i'm making this lonely post.. added a tad bit of blue filter because i am feeling rather blue.. :(

P/s: Do click on the photo and full view this one.. the thumbnail's pretty puny.

Anonymous J said...
nice pics u have there. got a deviant art site?

Blogger grace_t said...
Thanx :) yeap i do.. it's

feel free to drop by there and leave notes ;)

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