Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lost doggy

This poor little dog got lost during a thunderstorm today (21 March 06 - Tues) .. the scared thing was running around in the rain looking for shelter and followed me home. It was staring at me with those big puppy dog eyes as i opened the gate and my heart just broke so i let the lil dudette in thinking it would run off and find its way home later. But when we let it go after the rain, it just came back Anyways, we can't really handle two dogs so we're looking for the owners of this dog or anyone willing to adopt it (we may have to send it to SPCA if nobody claims/adopts it & i really really really don't want to do that).

Colour : Light Brown (Golden Brown)
Marking : Red-ish mark on forehead between eyes
Collar : Red - White & blue pictures; Black buckle
Gender : Female

Character : Very friendly & loving; Seems adore human company, cuddles, playing catch & children (and there are alot of those at my place ;p); Barely barks but whines for company as we keep it outside (my pampered dog Cookie is sooo jealous).

Note : This dog is obviously domesticated though it doens't have a dog license attached. Please someone claim / offer to adopt this dear dog cause she just sits outside my door, rests her head on the grille and looks at us with sad sad eyes all day! And i can't let her in cos Cookie doesn't quite get along with her (sigh, my dog is too spoilt...argh!!).

You can contact me or my dad (o12-682 6256) if you're the owner or interested in adopting it
Anonymous Andy said...
Hey Grace, my friend Grace (I know quite a few Graces this year! hahaha) may want to adopt the poor fellow. She's gonna check with her husband and I'll pass her your phone number.

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