Monday, December 19, 2005
Blue Skies

Although in the grander scheme of things i know that 5 XD cards is not enough for me to adequately shoot a 6 day holiday, somehow, at the beginning of the trip, i felt like i could be very liberal with my shots - meaning: i shot a lot of sky :) la la la...

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Sometimes, when i looked out the window, i was almost convinced that what i saw outside wasn't real... it looked like a painting or a backdrop from some disney movie.

I was so dreamy up there watching the clouds float by. It was so calming.

There were times when the plane dipped and the sun caught my window in full glare. It cast bright beams and long shadows in the cabin - all very ethereal looking.

Anonymous Ur Coolest Cool;-) said...

The true beauty of the sky...
lies in its uncommon commonness.
Feel the pregnancy of its clouds...
If the clouds turn grey and swollen
and finally spit their load...
That is truely a 'mind hand-shaking with nature' experience...
which has often become the recipe for design.
How much sweeter can that be?

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