Monday, October 25, 2004
Serious Stuff

For the life of me i cannot understand why people are addicted to foosball. Seriously. Football, ok that i can sorta kinda almost get... foosball?? *heh* don't get me wrong i think it's fun and all... but you play, you score.. that's it, right? no? heh oh well..

You step into Breakers and you can sense that there's something veeeeery different about the foosballers there. This is no kiddy game. It's serious stuff. Serious stuff...

Anyways, if you zoom in (and i'm sorry but i don't think i loaded the full size image) you can see me in the window reflection heh.. my very own cameo.... *cheers*
Blogger Matty said...
ooh no no, foosball isn't just about scoring goals dear! well it technically it is, but its a highly skillful game, and its lots of fun (challenging if you wilL~ ;) But yeah, good foosballers are tons of fun to watch, but one sweats bullets if pitted against good players. hmmm,i've not played in a while ::sighs:: spent a fortune on the game, but no signs of improvement~ grin

Blogger grace_t said...
Oh no! You're into foosball too??? hahah foosballers are eVeRyWhErE!!! hahaha.. ok i get that the sound is satusfying, i get that it's a challenge but i still do not get why it is so addictive?? Care yo enlighten me oh-addicted-one?

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