Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Festa Noite Brasileira!

Viva Brasilia... Qba was packed with people on Sat night for the Festa Noite Brasileira which was part of Bantus Capoeira Malaysia's 1st Annual Capoeira Festival . By the time we got there, they'd already started with the Maculelé. The percussions were frantic and the men in war paint n grass skirts were amusing *heh* but the dance wih the knives at the end of that set was kinda cool.. i thought they weren't using real knies till i saw sparks and all flying when they came into contact... pretty fast too. Owing to the fact that i am (relatively) short, i only managed to glimpse flashes of that performance :( . BUT i got front row seats at the roda later that evening which was great... this is a pic i took of em playing in the roda.
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