Monday, September 06, 2004
A Cheesy Affair

So this weekend, dad continues his food hunting expedition. Fueled by the fact that it's suppsoed to be 'Gourmet Month' this Sept (at least according to him...but then again, every month is gourmet month *heh*), he's dug out another clipping for this Italian place in Damansara Perdana.

Gusto Bar & Bistro is this place on the corner of 'the Tropics'. Went there by default cos this other Japenese place was closed. Anyways, sis saw the sign for GELATO, PIZZA and PASTA in the window and basically freaked so we stopped there. We'd been craving cheesy stuff since supper last night at this other cheesy (literally, yes) place that was basically a rip off of Kim Gary's but not quite as good. So anyways, we stopped there and went inside. Simple, elegant interiors, the usual white table top with dark wood counters.

Have to say that the food there is really quite good. Had this pancake/cheese (again i regret to inform you that the funky italian name of this dish eludes me) starter that was pretty good and of course escargot *yum* which was done just right. The chef's special pasta with angel hair is recommended :) If you have a craving for pizza, do try the Romano which is light yet proportionately topped with grilled chicken, mushrooms and some other stuff.

Now for my favourite part of the meal - desserts! The american brownie wasn't bad though i have had better. Then again, i'm not an avid chocolate eater so i can't really say. What i did enjoy was the Cappucino Gelato... seriously. Try it. It's light yet packs a decent punch. A delightful surprise. All gelato is made fresh on site and the difference is noticed the moment you take your first bite.

Nuff said, we had one of those rare meals where things were just right. Not over done not under done - just right. ;)
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