Tuesday, September 14, 2004
I'm in a box
Things have been so busy lately, barely have time to post all i wanna post. Been a week of ups and downs, not much sleep again but that's nothing new.. lemme see i have so many things i've been meaning tp post...tried out more food places this week, a bit disappointing though. Went for the 1st Annual Capoiera Festival (did i get that right?) which was excellent :) ..had submissions blah blah blah, am now attending night class dance workshops for this week, went to snap pics @ CoChine/Bar Savanah, Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, this vinyl factory (which was pretty cool actually) hmms... yes yes a lot to update. Will get to it when i have the time and when i stop procrastinating.

But for now, back to the box...

Had a long day - sleepy.tired. hungry. Went for the Ad Deum/CDFM night class anyways. Had Dance Improvisation today. Though i didn't feel like going, i'm glad i did. Really.

I've been to classes like these before and though i have to say most of the things that were taught i've learned before, i still had a good time. I like things like these.. times where you can just be free to explore and express using your body, your imagination. You connect with something inside - with others outside. You feel like you belong. You feel complete. And for that moment in time, nothing else matters.

I've always felt that dance is the truest form of communication and expression. It helps us comprehend what words could never explain in the most simple and poetic way. Through it, we find meaning, we understand.

You can learn more about a person in 5 minutes of connecting this way than you could in 5 hours of talking. Someone thought me the mirror technique and flocknig technique a long time ago and ever since then, i've been addicted to it. If the two people open up completely during the exercise, it's beautiful. so so beautiful.

For those who've never experienced what it's like to loose yourself so totally and tune so completely to something or someone - you really should try it. It's spiritual. Puts things into perspective and somehow calmed me in the most comforting way.

Times like that, you believe that anything's possible.

Things I've Learned Today:

Your box is only as big as your imagination.

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