Thursday, September 02, 2004
i'm depressing
It's 1:36 am in the morning and all of a sudden, i feel very alone.

Someone mentioned something that just hit a chord in me.

I keep thinking about all the people i love, the people i care about, the people i've felt and feel close to...

then i think about how circumstances and life seem to draw us apart sometimes. Most of the time we're (rather, i am) busy being busy. Time passes, things change, people grow up. I can't help but feel a longing sometimes.. there are some people i miss terribly. Some moments i wish we could relive over and over again. But, life goes on. Another day passes, another sun sets; another missed friend, another regret.

Please excuse the melodrama.

Low moods come and go. You just gotta ride em out once in a while.

To my friends and fam out there, you know i love you. If you don't, then, well, now you do - seriously.

Blogger HeroineGirl said...
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Lot's of positivity

(not for the fainthearted)

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