Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Hot Stuff

The food was pretty interesting..i personally recommend the pide (Pee-Day) bread with the Mix Dips.. they all have funky turkish names that sound real exotic and all but alas i was too busy snapping and eating to write em down.. Lovely service, and ambience.. and apparently the chefs are all turkish people too so i feels really authentic.. Had so much fun with the basket of pide and the dips! This is a pic of the Mixed Grill (again, it has a way more exotic sounding name that i can't remember) which was yummy too. Oh yeah, and they have this dish called 'Beef Stew on Yummy' which, as corny as this sounds, is really yummy!! (hahaha...oh that was so lame ;) i crack myself up sometimes) ...
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