Thursday, August 05, 2004
Baby Bear
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And the pictures are BACK!!! WeEEeEeee i finally finally finally got my very own digicam! Was bouncing (literally) all around college and backstage with my new toy :) Was so excited the whole day my new cam, went back to coll to see everyone (ok so not so excited about starting col again but i miss everyone!) and (*breathe*) it was opening night for the musical (*eEeEee*).

Only sad part was that Hsullynn and Maggie were leaving lkw :( (*sob*) will miss em both very much round coll... Hsuz gave evryone lil koala bears with the cutest outfits which she made from baby socks!! (talk about cute!) all of em are adorable.. i'll take more pics of em if i get the chance. For now this is Aaron's hoodie bear (awww....)

P/s: also note that for ONCE the background of pics that i take in coll isn't BLACK!!! it's WHITE!!! everybody say *wooOAHhhH* hahaha..
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