Tuesday, August 03, 2004
look at all the puuuurty colours...
i feel sick.

*ugh* just when i thought i got over the sore throat, i now.. officially have the flu :p talk about bad timing too! Tonight is preview night for the musical. Oh Crap.

Feeling kinda psyched or perhaps i'm just a little dizzy from the medication *woOOoOOooOo* heheh.

i should get some rest.. really. Gosh, wanted to write a blog yesterday but was just too exhausted when i came back from Panggung DBKL last night..morning...whatever. Still can't believe i spent more than 12hours there.. but it's all for a good cause. We were so weirded out that we started running around the theatre opening every door we could find. We found one with an iron rung ladder leading upwards into this dark mysterious looking hole in the ceiling *cue scary movie music*. So being bored (and high on medication), we decided to brave the deep dark unknown and embark on a little adventure. It goes something like this...

The Adventures of Princess Grace in Panggung DBKL
Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, lived a beautiful princess named Grace (but of course!). Anyways, one day, the princess and a few of her fellow friends were playing in the old theatre when suddenly, (gasp!) they stumbled upon a mysterious doorway.

" I'm bored of running around the hallways all day," said the princess "Let's climb up the ladder and see where it takes us!"

So the happy friends clambered up the old ladder. It was dark... and a soft deep blue light glowed faintly in the distance.. the space was wide enough for all of them but they had to crouch down to avoid bumping their heads.

"This is so cool!" squeeled Amanda in glee.

In a state of hush excitement, the friends creeped through the twisting narrow pathways going deeper and deeper into the labriynth with each forbidden step. As they journeyed on, they encountered many wonders and chanced upon many enchanted openings from which they gasped as they saw the theatre as never before.

But darkness never sleeps and in the distance, they could hear the faint sound of footsteps... steady. soft. approaching. The friends were seized by a sudden surge of anxiousness.

"We have to get out of here soon!" they thought as they hurried along the cramp pathways.


"CC are you okay?!? What happened?" exclaimed the princess in horror as she gazed down upon her poor friend. CC was sitting half dazed on the pathway, rubbing his forehead.

"*Groan* I ran into the wall" he said.

The friends were appalled to see that there was a glistening stream of crimson trickling from the wound on his head. But the footsteps in the distance had intensified.. they were nearer, louder, faster!

Despite their wounds, the friends hurried along. Driven by their fear to make it to the ladder - to escape from the lair of the unknown beast that lurked in the shadows. In a last desperate move, they flung themselves out of the hole, down the ladder and out into the bright sunshine once again...

The gentle glow of the morning sun embraced them in a warm soothing light.

They were free.

Now in the brightness of day, their past fears melted away. They could now sing and laugh happily at their triumph against the Monster of the Black Hole.

Days passed, weeks, months, years and soon their little adventure was nothing more to than a memory. A wiff of smoke from a blown out candle from the past, leaving only small scars as a constant reminder of their Journey into the Unknown.

- fin -

okay...so real life wasn't as dramatic but you get the idea don't cha? *cheers*

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