Monday, August 09, 2004
Yo Mama!

Okay.. so i really didn't want to post this up here for Liang's sake but..but..but... it's just priceless!! Zoom in and take a look at the utter shock & horror on Praveen's face!!

Lip gloss - RM30, Look on Praveen's face - PRICELESS... Posted by Hello
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Aiyerrrrr - if I only had known earlier 2004....I could have signed in - hehehe fyi, Grace, Liang's my hometown buddy ya know?

Blogger Anson Ong said...
Hehehe - Grace, 4 ya info, Liang's my hometown buddy - if I only had known - I'd had signed up for DYHTPS audition - tho I have heard abt TCS much earlier and that's the only regret I had known........

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