Saturday, December 04, 2004
Temporary Tourist
ahah.. just came back from the capoeira show @ 12 SI. *lol* fun fun 'specially when the guys had to dress up in haute couture (read: weird stuff that ranged from cut up corsets/skirts to polka dotted tights *hmms* ) for this fashion show/cap performance thing. This whole capoeira thing just gets weird-er and weird-er.

Anyways, i'm sitting here drinking some new powdered soup thingy, pondering about important stuff like how wrong it is to have powdered instant soup, why you're tempted to peel scabs and blisters eventhough it hurts and how small the world really is.. yeap, deep stuff ;) Seriously though, the world seems to be unervingly small.. i had another one of those 'you know him too??' moments today at the show. Scary.

Regretted not bringing my trusty camera with me today *sigh* If i did, i'd be posting some cute shots here now instead of all this wordy crap. Was just in a bloggy mood today.. gonna go for camp in Pahang tmw morning. Okay, technically 'today morning' but any-hoo, point is i'll be without my comp for a while :( so no blogging for me *sob*

Looking through my Dec schedule right now, *sigh* seems like i'm gonna be living out of a suitcase for most of the month *eep* Gonna be a temporary tourist ;)

I better go zzz now if not i might miss the bus tmw. adious muchachos!!

Blogger EmptyBox said...
hey! Lynn here... saw ur link on our Bantus website... man, i'm tired out fr the whole weekend... o__O

cheers to haute couture! ;)

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