Thursday, September 01, 2005
Sunday Morning

The luxury of being able to wake up (or more like being able to stay in bed) at whim is something i haven't had the pleasure of enjoying for about a month now. Today, it was absolutely heavenly to be able to wake up, laze in bed, cuddle my fluffy baby-smelling dog, go back to sleep, wake up to gentle sounds of a light rain outside, cuddle more and fall asleep, wake up daydream under even fluffier covers, air con is lazily whirring, soft light streeming through the windows... if not for the wakeup call from a certain equally lazy someone, i could've been in bed all day... *ahhh* but instead, i woke up, changed and went out for "breakfast" at 3pm.. The weather was sooooo cloudy and windy and 8am-sunday-morning-like that we ended up going to the Kiara Park (TTDI) to walk around enjoying the cool morning.. er afternoon(?) air... much picture snapping ensuead as i'd brought along my trusty digicam and tripod.. let's jut say that some people have camera-whoring down to an art... heh.. 1 pint of Baskin's and a smashing Rockstar INXS episode later, i'm here, typing about one of the most gleefully unproductive days i've had in a while... it's calming *zones out*
Blogger Justin said... pic!!! the pic of courseee! Hahaha..camwhore in actionnnnnnn! wheee..

Anonymous Anonymous said...
looks like big bad cookie monsta in action... with the whole tongue and all .. hahaha


Blogger grace_t said...
hehe now that you mention it.. he is blue and from that angle he does resemble the cookie monsta whee... lols

Blogger Justin said...
nOoOo!!! I am NOT a cookie monstAAa!! AHHHH!-.-"

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