Friday, August 19, 2005
Paper Flowers
Paper Flowers

Paper flowers by the window
Taking barriers away
Turning slowly into ashes
Drifting further into rays

Taking chances with the moonlight
Grip my hands close in the night
Feeling weary with the looking
With the battles on inside

Can you hear me screaming out for you to reach for me and say
“Pretty baby, in the morning, everything will be okay
Kiss the clouds, you’ll touch the sunlight
Close your eyes and float away”

Ever is always ever there
Never is never any fair
Sometimes I know yet I push aside

Holding tighter, seeming lighter
Fighting only yesterday
Kiss the clouds, touch the sunlight
Close my eyes and float away

Kiss my cloud
With your sunlight
Catch my breath and float away

It's really been a while since i've written anything... i am in a peculiar mood.... rather shifty and something else i can't quite put my finger on..
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