Saturday, August 13, 2005
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes...

lazy hazy day... i was driving through the smog on the worse day of the haze (so far at least..) when the API (air pollution index ..yes yes i thought it was "api" also at first.. makes sense right?) was round 500.. it was in the evening and i was on the way back from my aunts place.. all this smog is so depressing :(

As i was driving down her street, there's this part with shady trees on both sides.. *scary* looks like i'm driving off into the enchanted woods whee.... hehe. Anyways, if there's one half good thing about the haze, it's that it gives everything a sort of misty, ethereal feel (as long as you're not actually in that smoky atmosphere). i kinda like the way the haze made the streets bask in a soft, solemn glow.. Goes to show that even in really nasty times, there can be some bit of good if you're looking for it..
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